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Packaging is one of the most powerful advertising mediums available today. The reason for this is that the advertising takes place at the point of sale, when potential customers are most motivated to buy and exceptional packaging is hard to resist.

A custom composite packaging-can from EnviroCore allows you to connect with your target audience by giving you superior presentation and all-important differentiation. Working with your brand managers and designers, we will create a package that is unique to your product

Our Packaging is all about options!

Every package that we create is unique to the customer.  
An impressive alternative to tins and boxes, composite cans are 
made of rigid paperboard, which immediately gives them a commanding presence and upscale look.

The labels wrap entirely around the package so graphics appear
without interruption. We offer everything, from paper to foil to create a distinctive look.

We use high-quality lithographic printing coupled with your choice of special effects-metallic inks, UV and matte varnishes, embossing to secure the best on-the-shelf presentation.
You also have a choice of opening features such as plug lids – metal or plastic seamed on ends, plastic snap-on lids. Printing and embossing the lid with brand graphics or promotional messaging adds sophistication and creates new opportunities to reach buyers. The sky is virtually the limit to creating unique, memorable and effective packaging in generating sales.
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